Breast augmentation is surgery to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. Women decide for a breast enlargement if they are dissatisfied with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss or with aging. Also it might help them enhance their appearance if they think their breasts are too small or that one is smaller than the other.


The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and takes one to two hours.

There will be a single incision in one of three places:

– In the crease under your breast (inframammary fold)
– Under your arm (axillary incision)
– Around your nipple (periareolar incision)

Thus, after making an incision, the surgeon will separate your breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest. This creates a pocket either behind or in front of the outermost muscle of the chest wall (pectoral muscle). Then a silicone implant is placed under the mammary gland or muscle and centered behind the patient’s breast nipple. Incisions are closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue and with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape to close the skin. Over time the incision lines will fade.

After Surgery

The operation requires one overnight stay at hospital and a two-week rest period. The first check-up is done at the clinic on the third to fifth day after leaving from hospital. Then special compressive bra is worn for two months. It is not advisable to sleep on the side and also all movements involving lifting arms up should be avoided. Also, after the operation, in the first three to four months, it is not recommended to go to a swimming pool as there is a high risk of acquiring infection.