Who Is It For?
Some women face some serious problems on account of having very large breasts whether this is due to the genetic predisposition, hormonal changes or after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. If you have disproportionately large breasts that are causing neck pain, back pain, or other physical symptoms, you may be considering breast reduction surgery.


Breast reduction procedure requires two, sometimes three, overnight stays at the clinic.
– Incisions are made around the areola and down each breast.
– The surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin. This act helps to reduce the size of each breast.
– The glands are remodelled and the areolae are repositioned up in the centre of the newly reshaped breast. Your surgeon will try to achieve symmetry between your breasts, but some variation in breast size and shape might occur. Incision scars might fade over time but will not disappear.

After Surgery

Breasts will be covered with a gauze dressing or bandages. Your surgeon will instruct you on follow-up appointments for removing bandages and stitches. Then special compressive bra is worn.
– While you recover, you’ll need to stop physical activity for at least one month after surgery
– Some people have an emotional reaction, such as feeling depressed, after the surgery.
– After operation, you will feel tired and to have breast pain.
– You should avoid heavy lifting.