Dental bleaching is a procedure that is performed to remove the color changes caused by smoking, drinking (tea, coffee, wine etc.) and eating over the years or to lighten the current tooth color. There are various methods used for tooth bleaching.


Professional bleaching is performed at a clinical environment with the help of your doctor, while home bleaching is performed at home based on the recommendation of your doctor. The systems that can be applied at the clinics are known as office bleaching. There is also home bleaching procedure which is performed at home under doctor’s control by using a special plate developed at dental laboratory to fit your tooth. For home bleaching, a dental impression is needed to ensure that bleaching gel contacts the tooth while sleeping at night or for a few hours.  

“Office bleaching” can be performed in two ways. The dentist uses a very powerful bleaching agent alone or by laser. Then the dentist cleans the surface of your tooth in order to remove dental plaque. Afterwards, the gel is used under a light to help the bleaching process. In general, the gel can be used alone. But some need laser light. Laser does not bleach the tooth but it activates bleaching gel and starts necessary chemical reaction (laser does not penetrate the tooth). Although this procedure gives result immediately, more than one session may be needed to achieve the expected whitening and it is based on the guidance of your doctor.  

After Surgery

The teeth may be sensitive between the bleaching sessions and within one week after the completion of procedure. This sensitivity can be decreased substantially by using desensitizing pastes and toothpastes after the final session. If the bleaching procedure is performed properly and correctly, it gives no damage to your teeth. Regardless of the bleaching system, the whitening level of your teeth depends on their color in the beginning of treatment and the reason of color loss. The completion period of bleaching treatment is based on your as well as your doctor’s approval.