What is hair loss?

Hair loss is a kind of disease that is composed of different causes such as hair weakening and thinning. Each adult’s hair is poured between 50 and 100 wires during the day. For any reason, the person experiencing a spill above this number should necessarily apply to a specialist. Hair loss creates an important problem in the psychology of the individual. The biggest accessory of a man and woman is his hair. Beautiful and well-groomed hair always attracts attention in any environment. It makes a person chic, groomed and showy. Therefore, healthy hair is very important in the height of self-confidence. In the people experiencing hair loss problem, psychological problems have been seen to increase.

The medical name of hair loss in both men and women is “androgenetic alopecia”. In addition to males, it is also called “Male origin baldness”. The hairline goes back in time and the hair becomes sparse. Usually the upper area of the hair called the front line is poured. In women, shedding occurs at the same time in every region.

Hair Loss

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