Patients who have visual problems over the age of 40, short or long or both, and who have vision problems at intermediate distances are candidates for treatment. Each eye attached to a Smart Lens will be able to see both short and long by itself. For those younger than 35-40 years, if the eye number is too high to be corrected by laser, Smart Lens treatment may be used. The most important feature of smart lenses is that they provide intermediate distance clarity. It is also clear in terms of the distances that visual quality should be the most important, such as the distance to the computer, the distance of the television viewing, and the distance to the kitchen counter.


Each eye is subjected to a treatment that takes about 10 minutes on separate days. Eyes are anesthetized with eye drops. There is no general anesthesia, stagnation or hospitalization. In operation, a Smart Lens is attached to the lens mount inside the eye. Postoperatively, the eye is bandaged and the next day the bandage is taken. The patient starts seeing the same day. The same procedure is applied to the other eye within a few days.

After Surgery

After the surgery, the eyes are protected by using drops for a while. These drops should be used for about 3-4 weeks and the eye must be protected.
After 2-3 days of surgery, almost all patients can return to their daily home and work order.