Thread lift, an effective alternative to esthetic surgery, is an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure designed to gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks and jowls.
The operation is carried out with medikal strings concordantly to the patiens facial anatomy.
The operation last pretty short.


Thread lift is an efficient solution for both women and men to fix the wrinkles and the prolapses due to aging or losing weight.


Polydioxanone strings are udes in the soperation. The strings are placed under the skin with very tiny needles. Besides lifting, the operation also help reviving collogen production.

After Surgery

Thread lifts are low risk, thanks to how noninvasive they are. There is virtually no risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications so recovery is quite easy. The operation can be performed under local, rather than general anesthesia and completed in a short time. Patients can drive themselves home and look after themselves immediately after having their routines.